SFX Error

DBLayer::Base::DBEngine::_execute_single_query: Cannot execute SELECT DISTINCT T.OBJECT_ID FROM AZ_TITLE T , sfxglb41.KB_CAT_ASSIGN,sfxglb41.KB_CAT_SUBCAT WHERE 1 = 1 AND sfxglb41.KB_CAT_ASSIGN.OBJECT_ID=T.OBJECT_ID AND sfxglb41.KB_CAT_ASSIGN.CAT_SUBCAT_INTERNAL_ID=sfxglb41.KB_CAT_SUBCAT.CAT_SUBCAT_INTERNAL_ID AND sfxglb41.KB_CAT_SUBCAT.CAT_ID in (?) AND sfxglb41.KB_CAT_ASSIGN.CAT_SUBCAT_INTERNAL_ID IN () AND T.AZ_PROFILE = ? ORDER BY T.SCRIPT DESC, T.TITLE_SORT -- T.SCRIPT DESC hardcoded cluge forcing Latin to be before Chinese You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near ') AND T.AZ_PROFILE = 'default' ORDER BY T.SCRIPT DESC, T.T...' at line 12 Parameters: 9 default at /exlibris/sfx_ver/sfx4_1/sfxlcl41/lib/AZLIST/JournalSearch.pm line 71.